Today I was talking to a lovely, young woman about nutrition. I discovered that she eats certain foods NOT because she really enjoys them but because she knows that they are good for her.

I don’t like this plan. We need to eat food that we LOVE. Don’t you find that there is that “satisfaction factor” about eating? My take is that if you don’t get it, you tend to keep eating until you do get it. Or, you live in that anxious state of never feeling satisfied! Of course if you want to be healthy, you can’t eat everything that you want in unlimited portions. However, you can play with your diet to include the foods that you love and still find the balance.

This got me thinking. If I had to make a list of my top 10 favorite foods, what would be on my list? These are foods that I eat often and LOVE as well as foods that I WISH I could eat more frequently.  Here it is, in no particular order:
1. chunky peanut butter

2. beans (chic peas, lentils, small white beans, kidney beans……..I don’t really care……….I love them all)

3. pumpkin-raisin bread

4. akmak crackers

5. raw nuts

6. Puffins cereal (made by Barbara’s)

7. roasted butternut squash

8. salad (mesclun mix, arugula, radicchio, spinach)

9. granola

10. Edy’s light ice-cream (mint chocolate chip)

If you notice, my list is filled with carbohydrates.

I then asked my next client what would be on his list. His list, like mine, was very easy to generate. But unlike mine, his was full of protein foods: hot dogs, steak, baby lamb chops, cheeseburgers, pigs in blanket, lobster, and chicken cutlets. The only two carbs on his list were vanilla wafers and frosted flakes.

I think doing this exercise gives you more information than you realize. It zooms in on what your satisfaction factor is. If none of your favorite foods are in your current diet, then you have to address that. With a bit of creativity, you can incorporate them into your diet. If your list is full of fat, sugar and salt, there are ways to tweak and adjust! Here is a link showing some creativity:

So the question is……..what’s on your list?


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    Robin Caldwell said,

    Great post! Thanks Rhonda.

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