Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?  It will kick off the season of eating turkey, going to holiday parties, having family gatherings,  and gaining weight. After we’ve stuffed ourselves silly, January will roll around and we’ll say THAT’S IT………I’M GOING TO START EXERCISING.

While I could write pages of advice on how to get through this holiday season without doing horrible damage, I will keep this short and simple: KEEP EXERCISING. Or, if you were thinking about starting in January, START NOW.

Exercise will help prevent weight gain and make you more cognizant of what’s going on around you. It will do damage control. I actually had a new client, who did this last year , and it worked. She slowly started an exercise program in November and by the time January rolled around, she was ready to kick it up a notch. And once she did, she lost weight and felt great. Looking back, she thought that the “jump start” that she gave herself in November was extremely valuable.

So don’t put exercising off for another 2 months. Start now. The payoff will be worth it!

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