We all know that if you want to lose weight, the best “method” is to move a little more and eat a less. That’s all it takes. Diet and exercise

I love exercise for so many reasons—the calorie expenditure is actually at the bottom of my list. Putting all the health benefits aside including the energy expenditure, exercise gives you energy. It reduces stress. It helps you sleep better. It makes you feel good. These are reasons enough to move a little more. However, to make a real difference in calorie reduction, the best way is to watch your diet.

Let’s take a closer look at this–here’s an easy example: SODA. Let’s say someone drank 3 cans of coke a day. Each 12-ounce can has 140 calories, a total of 420. To burn off these 420 calories,  you’d have to exercise for about 45-60 minutes, depending upon your size and how hard you were working. That’s a lot of exercise. It seems to me, that it’s easier to wean yourself off of the soda.

Food can be sneakily caloric. Even healthy food. Let’s say you decide to add some nuts into you diet and choose almonds.  For breakfast, you add 1-ounce of almonds  into your cereal.  For lunch, you sprinkle some almonds onto your salad. Later in the day you add them to your low-fat yogurt. That’s about 500 calories of almonds.  Sweating those babies off will take a while!

Ponder this: people underestimate how many calories there are in food and they overestimate how much they burn when exercising. HHHHMMMM…….this is a deadly combination.

Bottom line: If you want to lose weight you have to move a little more and eat a little less. But it’s easier to eat a little less than to try to burn off  the “little more” that you ate. So move your body to feel good but eat a little less to make the caloric deficit.

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