Clearly, the Greek yogurt industry has exploded over the greek-yogurt-man-spoon-22937554 2past few years…….it’s everywhere! Did you ever wonder what makes Greek yogurt “Greek”?

Greek yogurt starts out just the same way as regular yogurt—bacteria is added to milk. The difference is, with Greek yogurt, the liquid whey is strained out, creating a thicker product. (FYI: Before it was called “Greek” yogurt, the original name was “strained” yogurt.) That’s why Greek yogurt has more protein—it’s more concentrated. A typical serving of Greek yogurt contains 17 grams of protein vs. 6-8 grams found in regular yogurt.

The other difference is in the calcium content. Calcium is lost when the whey liquid gets poured out. A regular yogurt will have about 300 mg of calcium vs. 150 mg found in Greek yogurt.

Like all yogurts, watch out for added sugars. In the case of Greek yogurt, make sure it’s not thickened with things like pectin, gelatin or cornstarch. You now know that the thickness comes from it being strained—not by these added ingredients!

So if you like Greek yogurt……enjoy it!  You might want to take plain Greek yogurt and add some fresh berries and/or sprinkle it with raw, unsalted nuts. Healthy AND delicious!


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