Isn’t it crazy how we all seem to suffer from some form of amnesia?

A friend of mine suffers tremendously every month when her hormones go wonky. Once she gets her period, she says “OH……..it was just my hormones.” Yet prior to that, she can’t understand why she feels so lousy. AMNESIA.

I love coffee but I have to limit my consumption or my stomach isn’t happy with me. I figured out that I could safely drink 3 shots of espresso in the morning and feel great. Every now and then, I REALLY yearn for just one more shot after lunch. Every time I indulge, (EVERY TIME!) I suffer and say, “I will never do this again!”……..that is until the AMNESIA kicks in and I do it again.

Some of you, instead, might suffer from exercise amnesia. 0f144ae6dcab73c8_cover.xxxlargeYou’re on a roll with being a consistent exerciser and then life gets in the way and you get derailed. Knowing the benefits of exercise (feeling energized, happier, having a sense of well-being, feeling stronger, sleeping better, feeling less stressed) doesn’t seem to matter when AMNESIA kicks in.

My advice? Have someone in your life that you can count on to REMIND YOU of how you were feeling before. In my coffee case, my husband is the one who says, quite emphatically, “RHON……DON’T DO IT!” In the case of exercise, find someone (preferably NOT a family member) who will simply say, “GET MOVING.”

Once you get back into it, you will feel so much better!

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