Several years ago, I had a disagreement with a client. He was explaining to me how tired and fatigued he always felt. After looking at his diet, I could see why: Too much fat, sugar, salt, and processed foods and not enough fruits, vegetables and fiber. He insisted that his diet had nothing to do with it. I said it did.

I’m not sure exactly what happened but after 3 ½ years of exercising with me, he got motivated: He started eating healthier and has lost over 25 pounds. He moves better, he sleeps better, he feels better, and surprise, surprise, he has more energy.

No two people are exactly alike…..energy levels do vary. While this natural tendency exists, your diet will greatly impact how you feel. Eating a diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods will absolutely zap your energy. This crappy food will affect your digestion, your regularity, your blood sugar spikes and your blood pressure. It’s like putting dirty, leaded gasoline into your car and wondering why your car doesn’t run so well.

So clean up your diet and you, too, might be surprised at how this newfound energy snuck up on you!

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