My two least favorites words are DIET and WILLPOWER.

DIETS never work and WILLPOWER, alone, doesn’t work.

Willpower can work only when there is planning and foresight. 0508_lays_630x420All the willpower in the world will not help when you come home HUNGRY from work with nothing in your house to eat other than a bag of potato chips.

I recently read an article about diet myths and the author, too, didn’t believe in willpower. Instead, she said it’s all about SKILLPOWER. YES! Planning takes skills: you have to make a weekly menu, find recipes, figure out when you’ll be able to shop, and perhaps even do a bit of cooking (and freezing) in advance. Eating healthily takes time and effort—it’s no different than any other important thing in your life. If it’s valuable, you need to make time for it.

So if you find that you keep beating yourself up for not having willpower, take a closer look at your planning skills. If you focus on that, you might just find your willpower!

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