You know when something is so close to you that you just can’t see it? You have a problem and while the answer is right there in front of, GLARING AT YOU, you still can’t see the message. Well, this recently happened to me with a food issue, and as a nutritionist, I kept thinking, “HOW DID I MISS THIS???”

For several weeks, about 4 hours after I fell asleep at night, I was waking up hungry. 51+e0uixFlL._SLREALLY hungry. So hungry that I would debate whether to get up and eat because I found it difficult to fall back asleep. If one of my clients ever told me this, the FIRST thing that I would ask is what they were eating for dinner and if they were eating a snack after dinner/before bed. Of course since this was ME, I never thought about it.

Then one day I was reading an article about blood sugar stabilization in diabetes and the light bulb FINALLY went on. Here’s what was happening: After dinner, I never felt like eating something sweet but a few hours later, I always did. So I would reach for some frozen yogurt. There was NO surprise when I checked the nutritional information on that frozen yogurt. A ½ cup of frozen yogurt contained 15 grams of sugar. If I were eating about ¾ of a cup an hour before bed, I was consuming 22.5 grams of sugar. To make sense of sugar grams, divide by 4 to get teaspoons. This means, I was eating about 5 ½ teaspoons of sugar right before bed. Excess sugar in the bloodstream leads to the production of insulin and when there is too much insulin, blood sugar will drop causing hunger. I know this. And yet I missed it.

Food has such an impact on our bodies and dictates how we feel. Pay attention. If you’re seeing a strange pattern that doesn’t make sense and can’t figure it out, find a nutritionist who can help you.

As for me, I ditched the sugar and now reach for a snack high in healthy fats and protein. Unfortunately, I still wake up in the middle of night, but the good new is,  I’m no longer hungry!

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