As many of you know I love to go for long bike rides in the summer. Over the past 5 IMG_0326years, this has been a passion that I have shared with my husband, who has been riding for a few decades. Our summer rhythm has been to take two long bike rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We would be on our bikes for hours riding anywhere between 30 and 45 miles.

The problem with this pattern is that it included two very challenging workouts, with no rest and recovery in between. As a trainer, I  know the importance of rest. It is a huge factor in making both endurance and strengths gains.  And yet it took a bike professional, who adjusted my bike this summer, to blatantly ask me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND WHY ARE YOU RIDING LIKE THIS?” Yes, there was an incredulous tone in his voice.

I had answers to his questions. I rode like this because I didn’t want to go out alone. I was scared. I was afraid of being on the road alone, navigating the traffic, getting lost, or getting a flat tire.  However, that ARE-YOU-KIDDING-ME tone gnawed at me and so I decided to make a change. I realized that my desire to improve on my bike was greater than my fear of being alone on the road. So, I ventured out alone so I could spread out my rides.  I always carried a phone, some money, and  instructions of who to IMG_0364call in case of an emergency. I navigated the traffic,  learned how to fix a knotted bike chain, and got lost. There were several times, where had to take out out my i-phone and say  “Hey Siri….I need directions to xxx road.” It wasn’t always easy but I DID improve. A lot.

Every time I finished a ride, I took a selfie to show my husband that I was safe and sound. But I was more than safe and sound. I had a powerful sense of accomplishment.  When I was finished with some rides, I often had to fight the tears.

We all are powerful. We just have to tap into it and push aside our fears. A fear doesn’t have to be a physical challenge—it can be anything: making  a job change, moving, having a difficult conversation with someone, making sure that your voice is heard, or stopping procrastination.

I learned this summer, that there is nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment, that only comes from you.  So go on and tap in!



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