A client of mine has a childhood nickname, Bubba. I discovered this during our workouts. Every time she gets to the point where it gets REALLY challenging (about the last 2 reps of an exercise), she says, “COME ON, BUBBA!”

I can’t tell you how much joy I feel hearing this. She is being a self-cheerleader and cartoon-cheerleading-clip-art-hand-drawn-cartoon-cheerleader-girlalways does this just when she needs that extra push. It seems to work! I encouraged her to do this with her diet, too. Instead of beating herself up if she goes off track, I want her to pull out the “COME ON, BUBBA!” so that she can give herself some encouragement to eat healthier at her next meal.

We are currently living in a world spewing vitriol. There is so much nastiness everywhere we turn–I can’t stand it. Maybe that’s why my heart skips a beat when I hear,  “COME ON, BUBBA!” I see over and over again that a little bit of encouragement and kindness goes a very long way.

To all of you reading this: Show yourself a little kindness. Be your own cheerleader. You will be surprised at how much it makes a difference!

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