Isn’t it crazy how the news of the coronavirus seems to change from hour and hour? There is so much information swirling, and so much negative news—it’s really easy be paralyzed with anxiety. Recently, a client of mine came down with flu-like symptoms and the minute I heard that, I decided to close down my business until I know what’s going on with her. We all have to do our part in trying not to spread this virus.

So, just like many of you, my life is very different right now. I made the decision, this morning, to stay positive. Staying positive doesn’t mean that I think everything is going to be fine. I’m staying positive merely to protect my sanity.

If you’re feeling well, the best thing you can do for your mind, body and soul is to exercise. Step outside into the crisp air and walk. You can stroll, you can walk briskly, you can walk up hills, you can walk with hand weights. You can 1800ss_getty_rf_woman_walking_with_hand_weightsmake a phone date and walk with a friend! Spring is coming and you’ll be amazed at what’s starting to happen in nature. If it’s raining out, have no fear. As long as you have internet access you can search for any type of home exercise from dancing to stretching. Moving will let you burn off frustration and will get those endorphins flowing!

Or course we’ll be watching more news and more Netflix but as long as we’re feeling well, we don’t have to let the coronavirus stop us from being active!

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    fancyrosa said,

    I most definitely will keep moving. I haven’t exercised in about 2 weeks or more. And that is bad. Thanks for the reminder

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