In a recent post, I mentioned that for the first time in my life, living in these new set of circumstances, I’m feeling moody. I’m noticing that my lows feel lower and my highs feel higher.

Yesterday I discovered that my local cosmetic, health, and beauty aid store, Harmon, was open. I felt giddy.  Armed with my mask and gloves, I ventured out. I needed things like toothpaste, toothbrush heads, disinfectant wipes and (gasp) more boxed hair color.

I always go to Harmon with a list–this way I can stay focused and just stick to the items on my list. This is virtually impossible to do at Harmon. I always get sucked in and wind of leaving with at least ten extra items that I didn’t need. In the past, I would get into the car and scold myself. NOT YESTERDAY. Yesterday, the extra sponges, cleaning products, cotton pads,  and dark chocolate delighted my soul. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but the one item that brought the most bliss was a cuticle nipper. That’s right, I splurged and imagesbought a Tweezerman spiral spring cuticle nipper so that I can give myself a manicure without making a mess of my fingers. JOY.

Leaving the house now is challenging. You have to be armed with a mask and disposable gloves in order to stay safe. Going into any store can be soul crushing when you see empty shelves and panicked faces. Harmon was an uplifting outing for me–the shelves were stocked and I was able to experience a higher high from a simple cuticle nipper. Who would ever have imagined……







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