Life has been stressful living with the coronavirus. Most days, I feel alright but I’m download.jpgnoticing that when the slightest thing goes wrong, I’m REACTIVE. Yes, this is my  nice way of saying I am overreacting in an unrecognizable way. Let’s face it–we all are because we’re all stressed. Today I witnessed someone else overreacting and to be honest, it made me feel a heck of a lot better.

A few miles away from my house is a farm where they sell produce. I’ve been going to the farm a few times a week and loving the convenience and the fact that I don’t have to go to a supermarket. They also sell flowers, plants, condiments and baked goods. My husband’s favorite treat at this farm is the homemade apple cider donuts. (Oh the smell of them being made!!) His dream would be for me to pick up donuts every time I go. No such luck, but I do cave in every now and then. In our pre-covid life, the donuts were in a case where you could reach in with tongs and pull out a donut or two and put them in a small wax paper bag. That system no longer exists but they do sell the donuts, much to my husband’s delight, in a pack of eight.

This afternoon I was at the farm buying produce. As I was checking out a woman came up to the register and asked about the apple cider donuts. The farm-worker told her “no more donuts”. The woman shouted “NO MORE APPLE CIDER DONUTS???? NO MORE APPLE CIDER DONUTS?? ARE YOU SURE???” The farm-worker told her that there would be more tomorrow. “TOMORROW??? ARE YOU SURE THERE ARE NONE LEFT?” The farm-worker was sure. The woman was distraught.

Yep, overreacting!  I completely get it….





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    Phyllis Marcus said,

    I completely relate to that lady who couldn’t get her donuts! I’ve been overreacting each time I leave the store without flour!

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