As many of you know, this epidemic is making us feel like we’re on a giant roller coaster. For me, when this first hit I felt all over the place—anxious, moody and exhausted. My friend sent me a link to zoom—she told me that I could start training people virtually. Training virtually?  Zoom? NO THANK YOU!  Virtual training was NOT or me! A week later, I was training my clients virtually.

Virtual training is fine. It is far from ideal but it keeps us connected and my clients maintain some level of fitness. In the process, I’ve learned  how to be more creative. Often times people have no equipment—I still want them to have a good workout so I had to figure that out.   When there is equipment, I worry about injury, so I’ve learned how to accurately describe the right way to pick up weights.   It’s a lot more work but worth it.

As things have improved here in NY, on Monday, I started seeing a few people outside, on my patio. I moved some equipment  into the sunshine. My table was filled with hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, sunscreen and water. When I got too close, I put on my mask. To protect my boxed-colored hair and face, I wore sunglasses and my signature red, floppy hat. One of my clients laughed so hard at this getup. She said that I looked like a stylish bank robber.

I was overcome with joy seeing people face to face. What I missed so much was the little nuances that I can’t see on zoom. I was able to accurately assess when something wasn’t right, or when I needed to tweak an exercise. It was sublime.

I was one VERY happy,  stylish bank robber!



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