As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am an extremely routine-oriented person. The good news is that this means I have a lot of discipline; the bad news is that this means I’m not a huge fan of change. So, when the coronavirus came, it knocked me off my feet until I equilibrated to the new normal. My new normal included virtual training, nutritional counseling on the phone and yes, coloring my own hair for the first time.

In my pre-covid life, I found going to the salon to be too time consuming, which annoyed me. However, after a few rounds of boxed hair color, I started YEARNING to step foot into my local hair salon. Here in New York, we are opening up in phases so the minute phase 2 began, giving salons permission to open, I was ready!

Yesterday, armed with a mask and hand sanitizer, I got my hair professional colored. I 61358733133__39FF3EEF-DE56-4E8D-8B96-BF9281D9A345found the experience to be sublime. I was shocked at how luxurious this all seemed to me given that I’ve been coloring my hair for decades. In previous trips to the salon, there was always a hidden eye roll. Yesterday, I was exploding with pure, unadulterated, glee.

As we slowly and carefully re-open, I hope to continue to bask in all the experiences that I have so taken for granted. I’m sure you will, too!


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