The other day, while enjoying a bike ride, I stopped at gas station to buy a bottle of water. I shuffled into the mini-mart wearing full bike gear and a soggy mask.  On the way to the refrigerated section, I passed a big, burly man and mumbled a quick “hello” from under my mask.  Surprisingly, he boomed back to me, “YOU BE SAFE OUT THERE!”

The stranger’s comment made my day—it was lovely and unexpected.  When I went to _107317680_peopletalkingintheparkcheck-out, I took the time to ask the cashier, how he was doing. He looked a bit startled, but a short conversation ensued. He told me he was finally getting used to wearing a mask.

Of course, when I walked away, I was secretly hoping that he felt the way that I did. Maybe, just maybe, he, too, would take the time to say something nice to the next person he encountered? (Feel free to roll your eyes at my undying optimism.🙄 ) Whether he did or not, I’m going to believe that he did.

Our lives, right now, are pretty depressing. So many families are struggling and juggling and trying their best to figure out how to navigate through this crazy new normal. I’m finding, especially now, that a little kindness goes an extremely long way.  Give it a try—if anything, it will make you feel better.

I will end this blog post by saying THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. ❤️

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