Well, we all made it through the election and we’re still standing!

Putting politics aside, I am so impressed with the record-breaking millions and millions of Americans (on both sides), who came out to vote!  In the middle of a pandemic, both grassroots movements and established entities needed to come up with a different plan. And they did! I live in NY State and this was the very first time that we were allowed to vote early in a presidential election. Obtaining an absentee ballot was also, very easy. While I voted on election day, many friends and clients waited on line for hours, while others mailed in their ballots. In all cases, people were motivated to make their voices heard. This happened all across the country and it left me feeling incredibly inspired.

If we look at the country as a whole, we can say with certainty that the country made it happen for itself. Just look at those voting numbers! We can now do the same on a much smaller scale. Take a breath and pause to see how you can make things happen for yourself. Don’t wait until January 1, 2021 to set a “resolution”, that you can make right now. If you’re exercise regimen has gone out the window in the pandemic, push yourself to try an on-line zoom class; reach out to the nutritionist you’ve been wanting to contact; create a support system with a friend to keep you on-track for consistent walking or healthier eating; commit to being persistent with drinking more water, or stretching, or drinking less alcohol, or reducing sugar. The time is now!

On a personal note, most of you know how much I HATE the winter and despise the cold weather.  Yes, I have a bad attitude about it, which never serves me well. Every year, when the weather gets chilly, I sadly put my bike away and say goodbye to it until the spring. This year I said, “NO!”, and vowed to change my attitude. For the first time, I adopted the philosophy of Billy Connolly, who said “There’s no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes.” So, I invested in some warm bike clothing and have been out for rides on VERY chilly days. I will ride as long as I can, and appreciate each and every ride where I push myself to get out and do it. You can do the same!

Thanks to all of you Americans, who inspired me!

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