I find myself wanting to write more and more about this pandemic and how it’s impacting all of us in so many different ways.

I have a bunch of clients who, in the past, have been dedicated, consistent exercisers. Now, because of the pandemic, some of them are struggling to barely maintain a routine. For the first time, they are experiencing “never-before-twinges” in their bodies, coming from a lack of exercise.

On the other extreme, some people, because of the pandemic, have extra time in their day and are actually exercising more than they ever had before. After all, exercise helps alleviate stress and this is a stressful time. For the first time, some of them are experiencing “never-before- twinges” in their bodies, coming from too much exercise and not enough rest.  

In both cases, the balance is off. And in both cases, ignoring those “never-before-twinges” is not a good thing. Our bodies feedback a lot of important information to us—we just have to pay attention and listen. A lack of exercise, accompanied by too much sitting, will cause back and neck pain, as well as stiff knees and hips. Your body is letting you know that you need to move more. Likewise, if you are overdoing it, your joints and muscles WILL tell you what’s going on. Ignoring those messages and pushing through the discomfort, never works out well in the long-term. What your body needs is good nutrition, rest, and in most cases, stretching.

Striving for that middle ground—that “just right”, is what we all need to do. It’s not easy–especially in a pandemic!

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