Since the pandemic began, I have seen all kinds of changes in exercise habits.  Some of my clients feel that exercise is easier now that they’re at home. Others have found it excruciating to get motivated. I know I’m stating the obvious but if you are stuck and can’t seem to get going, you have to figure out what will work for you.

Recently, one of my clients found a way to finally get into a routine after months of stagnation. For her, scheduling an activity and putting it on her calendar was key. Whether it was a private zoom session with me, or a walk with a friend–the activity went on her calendar. In the beginning of the pandemic, she was able to join one of my on-line zoom fitness classes. As time passed, she found the timing of the class restricting. The compromise was for me to send her the recording of the class and for her to do it at her convenience. (Yup, it went on the calendar.) She so eloquently said, “I just had to do it on my terms.”

Some people need more flexibility. Others need a set plan. The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way to exercise or keep moving. My advice? Have an open mind and start experimenting. See what works for you. You might find that you actually DO enjoy an on-line zoom class, even though you have been resistant to the idea. By contrast, you might discover that the only thing that works for you is bundling up and walking outside. If you figure out what works for you, you will set yourself up for consistency. And that will feel wonderful!

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