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The other day I got a text from a client. She asked, “What do you think about the keto diet for me?” I thought about it and responded to her. Like every decision in life, there are always pros and cons, which I outlined for her. In addition, I wanted her to really imagine what her life would look like following a high-fat/low carb diet and sit with that for a while. In other words, I wanted her to mentally TRY IT ON. I didn’t want her to focus on the pros because that’s the easy part. Instead, could she live with the cons?download

Focusing on which con you can live with better is how I go about making decisions. I’m finding this strategy even more useful now that we are living in this strange, Covid-world. Depending upon where you live and what the infection rate is, should you go out to dinner and sit outdoors? Get your hair cut? See friends in a socially distant way? Stay mostly in your house to keep safe?  Visit your parents? Go on vacation? All of these have pros and cons.  I say, TRY IT ON for a while. Then, figure out which con you can live with best.

You might find this strategy helpful in these very challenging times. 🙏🏻❤️

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The other day, while enjoying a bike ride, I stopped at gas station to buy a bottle of water. I shuffled into the mini-mart wearing full bike gear and a soggy mask.  On the way to the refrigerated section, I passed a big, burly man and mumbled a quick “hello” from under my mask.  Surprisingly, he boomed back to me, “YOU BE SAFE OUT THERE!”

The stranger’s comment made my day—it was lovely and unexpected.  When I went to _107317680_peopletalkingintheparkcheck-out, I took the time to ask the cashier, how he was doing. He looked a bit startled, but a short conversation ensued. He told me he was finally getting used to wearing a mask.

Of course, when I walked away, I was secretly hoping that he felt the way that I did. Maybe, just maybe, he, too, would take the time to say something nice to the next person he encountered? (Feel free to roll your eyes at my undying optimism.🙄 ) Whether he did or not, I’m going to believe that he did.

Our lives, right now, are pretty depressing. So many families are struggling and juggling and trying their best to figure out how to navigate through this crazy new normal. I’m finding, especially now, that a little kindness goes an extremely long way.  Give it a try—if anything, it will make you feel better.

I will end this blog post by saying THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. ❤️

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Last week I went for a very long bike ride in hot, humid weather. When I came back home, I noticed a small, purple bruise over my right eye. It was swollen and tender to the touch. My first thoughts were, “Could this be a bug bite?” and ” Did a small rock hit me along the way?” Surely, I would have noticed these things during my ride. So, I did what any IMG_1846rational person would do: I took a picture of it and sent to my doctor, who happens to be one of my best friends.  I asked her, “Is this a bug bite? Leukemia? Covid?” (Rational, right?) She responded, “No, you broke a blood vessel while riding!”

I broke a blood vessel?? Since this has never happened to me before, I started thinking about it. Broken blood vessels come from excessive straining. This can happen during childbirth, weightlifting, vomiting or even coughing too hard. In my case, it probably happened when I was climbing up a hill and not breathing properly.

Breathing is a wondrous phenomenon. When we breathe we send oxygen into the body.  Oxygen, which gets carried to our working muscles via the red blood cells, is essential for making energy.  Breathing correctly during exercise (exhaling on exertion) will prevent injuries and enhance performance.  Not breathing properly, as I experienced, can have consequences. In addition to straining the blood vessels, holding your breath or not breathing well can cause hernias, spikes in blood pressure,  and increase back pain.

Putting exercise aside, deep breathing has far reaching benefits: It can reduce stress, make you feel calmer, help you fall sleep, improve your lung capacity, and reduce pain. This is why women are coached to breath during childbirth.

If you’ve never tried square breathing, let’s give it a try together. Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. Slowly inhale through your nose to the count of 4. Hold at the top of the breath for a count of 4. Then gently exhale through your mouth for a count of 4. At the bottom of the breath, pause and hold or the count of 4. Do this a few times.


Now that we’re living in a pandemic, deep breathing is vital. We all are experiencing more uncertainty, more anxiety, and more stress. So, whether you are riding a bike, taking a zoom class, walking your dog, or need to give yourself the gift of feeling calmer, just BREATHE.


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Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time since Covid-19 started. There were numerous precautions in my dental office other than the copious PPE worn by the staff: my temperature was checked at the door,  and my blood pressure was taken in the dental chair. I wore googles and rinsed my mouth with some minty potion before starting.

I had a new hygienist—let’s call her Carrie. Carrie was a no-nonsense hygienist. The first download.jpgthing she said to me, when I opened my mouth was, “Wow–you have a lot of gum recession.” I told her about my dental hygiene routine: brushing with an electric toothbrush, using a waterpik, and then quickly flossing. Carrie commented, “Yes, I can see that you’re a quick flosser.” Within 2 minutes I felt as if I had accumulated two demerits. There were more comments like this along the way.  With a lot of self control, I suppressed a giant eye-roll.

Carrie wanted me to change some of my brushing behavior. I can tell you with certainty that I would have been much more open to her suggestions if she merely started with a positive.  She could have pointed out that it’s great that I religiously come every 6 months–even in a pandemic, that I have an established routine every night, that I have healthy, pink gum tissue, or that I have low blood pressure and a low pulse—ANYTHING. The dentist, instead, thought I was doing very well. I left the office knowing that I will NOT see her again.

Starting with the positive leaves people open to what they need to work on. In this pandemic, many of my clients have been eating too many treats or drinking too much. I would love them to tweak some of their behaviors. I tackle this by first reminding them of what they’re doing right: Some are exercising more. Some are cooking more. Some are eating healthy food along with the not-so-healthy food. I feel a shift when I do this—they ease up on their self-deprecation and become more open. To me, this is the best and only way to approach a difficult process.

In this pandemic, we need to hear some positive news and embrace it! I will cling onto my dentist’s message: “Rhonda, you’re doing just great!”




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My husband and I are very close friends with another couple, Julie and Jeremy.  The beauty about the four of us is that we accept and embrace the good, the bad,  and everything in between. Yes, we often make fun of each other.

I get poked fun at for my undying, over-the-top enthusiasm, which can be annoying. Once, the four of us were talking about whether or not we were morning people. I told them that not only was I a morning person,  but that when my eyes open in the morning, the first thing I think is, “HELLO DAY!”.  I’m sure you can imagine how that went over. 🙄

When the coronavirus came, my days of waking up thinking “HELLO DAY”, were over. I thought many things but NOT that.  It was more like,  “FU DAY”, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, DAY?” or, “WTF, DAY!”  I missed that part of myself. I yearned to be made fun of for my excessive enthusiasm.

Julie is a jewelry designer. Prior to meeting Julie, I didn’t care much about jewelry one way or the other. Now, I want to buy all of her stuff! She is extremely creative and talented. (SHAME-FREE PLUG: I make fun of Julie’s creativity because it’s everywhere! The way she sets her table, the way her room is lit, the way  she cooks food and how it is presented on a platter. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Last night, we celebrated my birthday. Julie knew not to bake a cake for me so, instead, she created a masterpiece out of vegetables. A landscape of grass,  flowers, puffy clouds and a bright sun. She brought it to me saying, “I call this, “HELLO DAY!”  My heart soared. I was beyond delighted.IMG_5095

Last night I must have fallen asleep with a smile on my face. Guess what happened when I woke up this morning? For the first time since the coronavirus descended upon us, I said….

NEVER MIND……..I’m not saying it because it will be too annoying!  🙄 😂

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